RICE is the staple food in Asia especially in Indonesia. I don't know when this tradition started but till now, Indonesian people always eat Rice about twice or third in a day. You can eat rice with another assistant food like fish fillet, fried chicken, etc.

And you know, In Indonesia if you didn't eat rice maybe just eat bread or another food, it mean you didn't have eat even if you feel satisfied. Do you feel its little weird ?? ;-)

cooked rice need some process, here they are. Don't forget to wash the raw rice before you cook it. And then boil the raw rices, in Indonesia raw rice caled 'Beras'. The process of boiling rice is also known as the 'tim'. Its needed to generate the flavor of rice and make it more soft but still intact consistency. Making rice with excess water in the boiling process will produce pulp.

Color that rice has been cooked vary depending on the type of rice used. In general, the color of the rice is white when you used white rice. And It's done, you can eat cooked rice with your another favorite food. :p

Raw Rice

Cooked Rice

Rice with fried chicken (Penyet)

Look delicious, right ?? Ohh... I feel hungryy. I think I'm ready to eat... heheheh...