Yesterday my mom visited my grandma who lived in different town with me for couples day. Actually, I'm pretty happy with it cause it mean I can do anything I want. ;)

But, when I bought lunch at food shop. I don't know It just feels sooo different with food made by my mom.

And now I know what thing that could make its taste different. There's always sambal on mom's food. It's totally makes every foods you eat ore delicious.

So, what is sambal?

Sambal is made from chillies, onions, peppers, salt, and terasi (only from Indonesia). Its like spicy sauce but not too soft cause we made sambal traditionaly with cobek, not used a copper. Cobek is something made from stone, just like it

All we need to do when we wanna use cobek is put all flavor on it

then copped with that smaller stone untill the flavor almost soft and its done. :)

Doesn't it looks so spicy??
But remember, don't eat it without mineral water near you cause its totally HOT. You can eat it with Fish fillet, fried fish, tofu, tempe (something made from soybean), or anything you wanna eat.

I don't know why Indonesian peoples love this cuisine. They said you can't taste how delicious food without eat it with sambal. And I agree with them.

I'm not lying if I say you cannot stop eat if you eat your meals with sambal. So, don't eat it if you on diet's program. :)

And you know, there's many kind of sambal, like

Sambal tomat, not too spicy

Sambal Ijo, its used green chillies

Sambal petis, used petis (made from shrimps)

And, its the most famous sambal in Indonesia or maybe in international, it called sambal terasi. Everybody's love it. :)

So, wanna try it sometimes??
Don't try to eat it if you don't like spicy. It will burn your mouth. :)


Is it February ?? Oh my God, I'm going to 17 on February 22th and It means I'm not teenage at all. heheheh..

Talking about birthday, I remember about little bday tradition for teenage and adult in my country. I don't know if there's any country do this tradition but I think I shud write about it on this post.

Usually, peoples celebrate their bday with party, dinner, or threw some bday's cake on the people whose got bday. In here, we also doing that. But in here, when you got bday, just be careful cause ur friend wouldn't let you clean all day long.

They will throw all dirty things to all over your body like throw flours, ditch waters, rotten eggs, coffee, gums. It's so disguisting when you have clean your body after that attack, they will throw you again untill you stop try to clean your body.

And the part I hate about it are when they throw the coffee to my clothes, or when they throw the rotten eggs and gums to my hair. Its ridiculous... But I think I like this tradition, after they think that attack is enough, we'll hang out together till the day of this bday's over.

Isn't that sounds funny?? :)

And for the adults like my parent's bday, sometimes we do tumpengan.
What's that?
Well, tumpengan is we celebrate bday with having lunch (not dinner) with nasi tumpeng, Its totally Indonesian cuisine. Like these..

Looks delicious, right?
You see that yellow's conical things? Thats what we called nasi tumpeng, its made from rice.

So, after we sing a bday song, we HAVE TO sliced nasi tumpeng and put it on a plate. Then we choose the side dish like fried chicken, boiling eggs, noodles, salad, fried fish, or anything else. And we give the first sliced to someone who mean so much. After that, we just sing a song together, pray together and do every fun things together. :)

Actually, tumpengan is not just for celebrate bday. Its also can we do when we wanna celebrate anniversary or another family's or adult's event. :)


Oh yeaa..
I won outfit suggestion contest from CATE, and she gift me this award..

Thank you so muchhh Cate, Keep visit, read, and comment to my blog.
I Love ur style. :)