A days ago, I've chatted with my friend in Netherland. She said she was very happy to live there even if sometimes she rele missed every unique things in Indonesia.

Then I asked her about what things she couldn't find in there but can find everydays in Indonesia. She said that she couldn't find 'ojek'! and thats make us laugh and I said 'Of course there's no ojek'

Then I don't know I just think What about write some story of ojek on this blog. I thougt that will be cool, right? :)

What excatly 'ojek' mean??

Well, Ojek is a kind of transport like taxi but not used a car, its used a motorcycle. Yea... motorcycle. It's sounds weird, right? But, it's true. ;)

So, if you wanna use ojek to go somewhere you have to go to their station or in Indonesian it called 'pangkalan'. Ojek station wasn't like train or bus station! Its like umm.. I can't explain it but you can see this pic.

So badly I think. :-? O yeaa.. you see those persons behind motorcycles? They are people whose jockey those motorcycles or in here the called 'tukang ojek' but I think you can call them ojekers. :p

In ojek station, choose an ojeker and tell him the place you wanna go. If he know that place, you just need use helmet (he'll give you) and he ready to take you wherever you wanna. But if he doesn't know, you can ask another ojeker.

When you arrive in the place you want to go, don't forget to pay the ojeker and also return his helmet. hehehehe....

Its simple, right?? But not everybody wanna use this transport, neither do I. And I don't know why, maybe its because they had their own ride, just like me. :)

So, wanna enjoy you quick trip with ojek?? ;)


Think about my trip to South Kalimantan few days ago, I remember about 'Sasirangan', Its custom cloth from South Kalimantan.

Sasirangan usually used by peeress but now everyone can wear it. It will be cool when wear sasirangan in formal events like wedding party or whatever.

If you want to take a holiday in South Kalimantan don't forget to buy Sasirangan cause I'm sure many womens will like it. It's Unique and made by their own hands without machine.

These are some pictures about the way to make sasirangan.

Cutting cloth

Making pattern

Smoking pattern

coloring cloth

washing cloth

cut off the suture

And it's done :)

That's look soo nice, right? and here's a picture that I found on someone's blog. It's about sasirangan kids fashion show...

What do u think?

So, wanna have some sasirangans in your wardrobe?? ;)

I got an Award

Well, I got Fabolous Award from Cherish. I'm soo happy to got it. Relee thanks to you.
And here's the award

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And now I nominate the following fabulous blogs:
The Seeker

Thats it. I don't know wanna pass this award to whom. maybe I'll pass it later. :)


did u see an amazing ring eclipse about 1 hour ago?
I saw it and it was rele rele wonderful. I saw full ring of this eclipse. I'm sure I'll never forget it.

But, I'm so sad cause I couldn't take some picture of the eclipse. I have to wait about 7 years to watch this eclipse again.

IT's a long time, right??
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Indonesia, When I talk about it I don't know, I just can't stop talking. Maybe because I have many things to tell about our cultures, our life, and everythings in here.

Now, I wanna share about 'How Indonesian's people take a bath?'

It's sounds not interesting, right? But, I think its little interesting cause we have different tradition about the way to take a bath.

Some peoples in Indonesia didn't take a bath with shower or bathtub. We used something like bathtub but not for have a bath, its for patches the waters that we will use to have a bath.

So, we have to use something called 'gayung' to put the waters because we can't gettin to the tub.

It called 'gayung'

Is that make u confuse?

I just can't explain it. It's little complicated. But I really want to make everybodys know about it cause I think its unique.

In my home, I have 3 bathroom. In 1st floor, 2nd floor, and in my room. In 1st floor we used shower but in 2nd floor and in my room we used umm.. ok I named it watertub or in indonesia it called 'bak mandi'. :)

That's watertub, beside the shower.

I like to take a bath with shower but I like to take a bath with watertub more. I don't know why, maybe because I usually do that.

Oh yea, you should know that warm water is unavalaible in watertub. But in this tropical country of course we don't really need warm water cause waters in here is not too cold.

So, wanna try our tradition in ur house sometimes?? I know it's just an ordinary tradition but I think u'll like it.



Talking about Indonesia, I remember about something we couldn't find In another countries out of Asia. It called 'lesehan'.
What is lesehan mean ??

Usually we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sitting on chair. But, some peoples in Indonesia didn't do that. They have their meals on floor with all of family. That's lesehan mean.

Maybe it's sounds weird, but it's totally fun and friendly. Just like picnic on greeny garden :)

That looks funny, right?

I had a rele big family, they lived in different country. When they visit my family and have dinner with us, of course dinning table wasn't enough for my big or maybe huge family. So, we have dinner with lesehan.

I love it, it make us closer to each other. We can share about anything. Umm.. maybe we also can share about anything if we have dinner on the chair. But its different. :p

I don't know, I just can't find the words to tell how I feel. Maybe you should try it with your families or your friends or maybe your couple. It can be sooooo romantic. ;)

Oh yea, I almost forget. We don't used spoon and fork but we used my own hands. Just like that picture. Is it new for you ?? ;)

I love forest

its been long time I haven't write post on this blog. Now, I wanna share some places I have visited.

A few days ago me and my family had a cool vacation. We went to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan in Kalimantan Island or Borneo Island from Samarinda in East Kalimantan. Well. I'm not share about places in Banjarmasin in this post, I just wanna share about an amazing scenes on the trip to Banjarmasin.

This trip tooks about 16 hours by car. The trip start at 4.00 am from Samarinda, we went to port in Balikpapan first and it tooks 2 hours, from Balikpapan to South Kalimantan we can't used car, we should used ferry to Panajam port its just an hour.

From the panajam port we pursue to Banjarmasin by car, it's a long trip. I thought it will be boring and not interest. But I'm really wrong! It's very amazing scene on this trip.

I'm sure you don't wanna sleep when you see how beautiful forest and hills you'll pass with light grey's skies and feel oxygen come to your lungs. Oh My... It can't be forget.
No more polution, no more high buildings. Just Back to Nature. I rele Love it!!!

You have to take a trip on South Kalimantan especially if you're a photographer. You'll find many objects here.

here's the pictures I could take.

Ohhh.. It must be cool to live there.

can u imagine u were there?

Wanna join this cow? i think he's lonely. :)

I think that's not good pictures cause I took it with my camera's phone and I'm not photografer. hehehe... But I really like the first picture, that's really cool.

Actually, there's many beautiful scene when I was in very but my phone's lowbatt, so I can took another picture. But you can take it by yourself, right??? :)