The Beautiful Places in Indonesia


I'm back. i think its time for me to write back in here.

No need to say too much but let's have a look to these pictures. These are places that you can visit in Indonesia. I know you'll gonna love it. :)

Lapangan Banteng
Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, Indonesia

Annai Velankanni
Annai Velankanni, Medan, Sumatera Utara

Pulau Derawan, Berau, Kalimantan Timur

puncak jaya wijaya
Puncak Jaya Wijaya Mountain, Papua, Indonesia

pantai parai
Pulau Parai, Kota Sungailiat, Bangka

kawah ijen
Kawah Ijen, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

pulau samosir
Pulau Samosir, Sumatera Utara

Pulau Komodo

Taman Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta

What do you think?? Are those places beautiful??? and yes, those places are in INDONESIA, Asian Pacific.

I know, thats a very little information that i give to you about those places

and I know you must be so curious right??

don't worry i'll give you the detail in my next post, so just keep visit this blog.

See ya in my next post. :))

Help me !

I was reading all of articles that i had been wrote in this blog.

and i feel soo terrible for not take care of this blog.
I lost the friends and the readers of this blog.

I DO REALLY MISS every single thing in this blog.

but when i starting to writing, i lost every words.
i have no idea. :((

So, Pleaseeee for Indonesia. help me to give me some idea.

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Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam part. 1

Do you remember about Tsunami that happened in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Indonesia on 2004 ?? That's a really really horrible disaster.
There's so many victims, peoples died, many kids lost their family, many homeless person, and many more..

Okay, I'm not gonna talking about that worst memory because there's sooo many other things that we can talk about NAD like Tourism Objects (oh.. its my favorite things to discuss. :D).

Well, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, now its called Daerah Istimewa Aceh is one of province in Indonesia located in Sumatera Island, the capital city of DI Aceh is Banda Aceh.

So, what kind of tourism objects that we can find in DI Aceh ??

1. Lampuuk Beach
Lampuuk Beach is really beautiful with the white sand and fresh air, it means that no poluted (well you know it is hard to find a place without air polution).
In this place visitor can swimming, fishing, tanning, surfing, sailing, diving, and many other funny things.
Around the beach we can find a golf course with a wonderful sea as a background. Sounds cool, right ? Oh, donb't leave this town before you see the beautiful sunset.
It will be unforgottable moment for you cause lampuuk beach is popular with its very beautiful sunset.

photo for lampuuk beach
we hold onto together Photobucket
got some rest Lampuuk beach

2. Weh Island
Weh island is little volcano island located in northwest Sumatera Island. Largest city on Weh island, Sabang, is a city located in the western Indonesia.
Weh island is popular with the ecosystem, its rich with species under the sea. There's so many beautiful coral reef and rare sea animals. So, I think this place is heaven for diving lovers. But you must be more careful because in the beach at this island we also can find the big mouth shark!

photo for Weh Island
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

3. Gunongan
Gunongan has erected by Sultan Iskandar Muda as a private playground and bathing for his wife Phuto Pang (from malaysia). Gunongan is a symbol of his love for his wife.
Long time ago, Phuto Pang feel lonely because Sultan Iskandar Muda is too busy to accompany her, and it make her missed Pahang, her hometown.
Realize about it, Sultan Iskandar Muda thinking about make Gunongan that means little mountains because you know there's many little mountain around Pahang. So, he think his wife would feel like she's home. Isn't it sweet and romantic ?? :))

photo for Gunongan
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

continue to part. 2 >>

I name this post with 2 hours is because i made this short post about 2 hours. :P

Grand Opening... hehehe

Hi !
I'm sorry for no longer posted some articles here . I just lost my idea and lost my time. hehehe.... I was thinking about delete this blog but my friends told me to keep writting cause the love this blog.

then I didn't deleting this blog but I tried to make it cooler (what do you think about this blog's new look ?) and will post the best article for you all..

Sooo, I hope you all keep visit this blog, its mean so much for mee. Thank youu so muchh........... <3

Kemala Beach

I'm just back from my short but AMAZING holiday . I went to Kemala Beach in Balikpapan, East Borneo with my friends, about 3-4 hours from my house but actually it's the first time I went there. Well, there isn't much i can say bout this place, it's just wonderful . Look at these pictures. Its all natural without editing or something like that. So, enjoy these pictures... :)

So ?? Wanna join me to visit this place next time ???? :P

Dangdut is the music of My Country

Well... well... well...
I'm sorry for not updating this blog. Eww... My blog's look so boringg.
I was do national examination, it's my last year in high school (I'm go to college only few months later and it means I'm gettin' old!). So, I have to study hard and left my blogs for a while.

But I'm back NOW.......!! :)

Mmm.... What I wanna write about then??
Ah, I know.... Everybody's love musics right?? Musics can beat up our day, change the sadness into the happiness, give us more energy, and of course music is the really really best friend of dancing.
That wouldn't be fun if we just dance without musics. Ah.. you must be agree with me.

Then what kind of musics do you like? Pop? Rock? Jazz? Rnb? Punk? Hardcore? Or Classic?
I think those are just usual music genre. I'm gonna introduce you about one of the music genre that you just can find in Indonesia. It called "DANGDUT"

Dangdut is a mixture of an indian's music and malay's music. Actually, In Indonesia, dangdut isn't too popular. Maybe because its kinda traditional and sometimes it used a tariditional instrument like flute or kettledrum. But on this age, there's also modern dangdut that mixture of traditional dangdut with some modern genre like pop, rock, or maybe hip hop.
Indonesian's peoples doen't really like modern dangdut, i don't know maybe because its sounds not unique anymore.

But, that doesn't matter. Dangdut still Indonesian's musics and as the good indonesian people, I think I have to post it on my blog and let peoples around the world know about this thing.

Click here to watch the recent modern dangdut's video. The singer is a son of A dangdut's King. :)

All about Scary

I have 3 days free time and I think I'm gonna post an article in this blog.
I wasn't take care of this blog for a long times.
Oh my God. I do really miss this blog.

yesterday me and 13 friends going to cinema. We want to watch an indonesian thriller movie.
the title of this movie is "Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat" or in english, it called "The ghost of Mortuary"

Actually I'm not really scared with Kuntilanak ( kind of ghost in Indonesia ) in this movie. But when the Kuntilanak disappear, the Pocong came in. And you know what did happen to me ?

I'm CRYING.....!!!!

Yesss... I'm crying. Oh my God, they are really really scary. I scream and hug my friends tight.
For some people Pocong wasn't really scary.

But for me Pocong is the real of Ghost!!! The one and only ghost that can makes me cry when I see its picture or just hear its name.

So, I'm not gonna show you the pictures of Pocong or Kuntilanak. If you really curios about them, you just need to search it on google with "Pocong" or "Kuntilanak" as keyword. Be carefull when you wanna see them.

Fyi, there's soo many kind of ghost in Indonesia like Leak ( A man without head walking on a lonely road and love blood ), genderuwo ( A man with feather and really like kids ), Sundel Bolong ( A women with long hair and wear a white dress, there's a hole in her back ), and many kind of them.

And you know, they are real. You can find them in some place but I don't know where. I'm not lying. Its true !!!!

Have you ever seen Indonesian Thriller movie ?
As I know, the Indonesian Thriller Movie is famous in International. They said it was really scary.

if you haven't watch it. I suggest you these movie
"Pocong 2" , "Kuntilanak 1" , "Kuntilanak 2"
Those movie are amazing. You should watch it !!! :]