All about Scary

I have 3 days free time and I think I'm gonna post an article in this blog.
I wasn't take care of this blog for a long times.
Oh my God. I do really miss this blog.

yesterday me and 13 friends going to cinema. We want to watch an indonesian thriller movie.
the title of this movie is "Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat" or in english, it called "The ghost of Mortuary"

Actually I'm not really scared with Kuntilanak ( kind of ghost in Indonesia ) in this movie. But when the Kuntilanak disappear, the Pocong came in. And you know what did happen to me ?

I'm CRYING.....!!!!

Yesss... I'm crying. Oh my God, they are really really scary. I scream and hug my friends tight.
For some people Pocong wasn't really scary.

But for me Pocong is the real of Ghost!!! The one and only ghost that can makes me cry when I see its picture or just hear its name.

So, I'm not gonna show you the pictures of Pocong or Kuntilanak. If you really curios about them, you just need to search it on google with "Pocong" or "Kuntilanak" as keyword. Be carefull when you wanna see them.

Fyi, there's soo many kind of ghost in Indonesia like Leak ( A man without head walking on a lonely road and love blood ), genderuwo ( A man with feather and really like kids ), Sundel Bolong ( A women with long hair and wear a white dress, there's a hole in her back ), and many kind of them.

And you know, they are real. You can find them in some place but I don't know where. I'm not lying. Its true !!!!

Have you ever seen Indonesian Thriller movie ?
As I know, the Indonesian Thriller Movie is famous in International. They said it was really scary.

if you haven't watch it. I suggest you these movie
"Pocong 2" , "Kuntilanak 1" , "Kuntilanak 2"
Those movie are amazing. You should watch it !!! :]

Best Bday for Me.....

It’s been long time I have write no post in here. I’m too busy to doing this. It’s my last year in high school, I have to study hard. So, I can past my last exam in High School. :P

Now, I’m not gonna post something connected with Indonesia. I wanna post some awkward and funny things that happen before, on, and after my birthday.

A few days before the ‘it’ day, I had really really bad days. I don’t know if its just coincidence or something but its annoyed me.

It started when I asked my teacher about my rank from 1st semester till 5th semester for my graduation soon. But she didn’t want to give it to me. She told me that wasn’t important but I know its really important.

It tooks 2 days to ask her to give me rank and it’s not simple as a write here. I just can’t explain it..

After that I fought with my friend and it’s caused by me. I’m on bad mood, he asked me to join him to canteen but I rejected him, Then he push and push me to join him. I scream on him, I hit him with empty plastic bottle. How jerky and bad I am!!

I feel really terrible, thats over reacted I think. So, I apologized to him, and he do really forgive me.

And from this day every bad things change to fun and cool things. On Saturday, my parent gimme Sony Vaio Notebook for my bday gift. Thats really awesome!! I don’t think that they will give this cool gadget for me cause I think this year I’m not really good girl for them. :P

Here's the notebook

On Saturday night I’m not going anywhere, I’m too excited bout waiting my 17th bday. Hehehehe.. And the next cool things I got on my bday is HE (someone who wanted to be with this crazy girl, :P) was the first person that say bday greeting to me, how romantic he is, I love you, babe!! Hahahaha....

Then on Sunday, I got the next surprise. Its from my bff, Dyn. She came to my house when I was sleep then she waking me up with sing me bday song and give me a bday cake with blue cream (my fave color). We hug each other, and you know, I haven’t brush my teeth or wash my face yet. I don’t know how was my smell.

Isn't it cute?

Still on Sunday, in the afternoon I hung out with my family and doing some fun activities together. That was amazing day for me.

But actually, It wasn’t stop on Sunday.

On Monday, when I walked in to my class, my classmates singing me a bday song together. Isn’t it really sweet?? I don’t know that they know when exactly my bday is.

Then In Sunday afternoon I got the best gift from myself, what is it? It’s the high scores on TOEFL. OMG.... That was sooo amazing for me. I wasn’t study before do the test but I got a high score. It’s so cool, right?

On Wednesday, I totally busy with my funny things. Me and my girl friends hang out together to celebrate my bday. Yeahhh... its not over yet. ;)


On Saturday, Me and my boyfriends hang out and dinner together for celebrating my bday again. So, last week is full of celebrated my 17th bday. This is more than what I expected. Its toooo awesome.

Thank you so much!!!

I’m sure I will never forget about how peoples who mean so much for me did this beautiful things to me. You all are cool. Love y so much.

I’m happy with my life. I hope this happiness will never stop showing in the whole my life..

*I’m sorry for this disconnected articles, I just wanna told you all how happy and grateful I am. And also I wanna make you jealous to me. Are you? Hahahaha....:D