Dangdut is the music of My Country

Well... well... well...
I'm sorry for not updating this blog. Eww... My blog's look so boringg.
I was do national examination, it's my last year in high school (I'm go to college only few months later and it means I'm gettin' old!). So, I have to study hard and left my blogs for a while.

But I'm back NOW.......!! :)

Mmm.... What I wanna write about then??
Ah, I know.... Everybody's love musics right?? Musics can beat up our day, change the sadness into the happiness, give us more energy, and of course music is the really really best friend of dancing.
That wouldn't be fun if we just dance without musics. Ah.. you must be agree with me.

Then what kind of musics do you like? Pop? Rock? Jazz? Rnb? Punk? Hardcore? Or Classic?
I think those are just usual music genre. I'm gonna introduce you about one of the music genre that you just can find in Indonesia. It called "DANGDUT"

Dangdut is a mixture of an indian's music and malay's music. Actually, In Indonesia, dangdut isn't too popular. Maybe because its kinda traditional and sometimes it used a tariditional instrument like flute or kettledrum. But on this age, there's also modern dangdut that mixture of traditional dangdut with some modern genre like pop, rock, or maybe hip hop.
Indonesian's peoples doen't really like modern dangdut, i don't know maybe because its sounds not unique anymore.

But, that doesn't matter. Dangdut still Indonesian's musics and as the good indonesian people, I think I have to post it on my blog and let peoples around the world know about this thing.

Click here to watch the recent modern dangdut's video. The singer is a son of A dangdut's King. :)