Wonderful Belitung Island

Do you love Beach ??

Well, you have to visit Belitung island. There are so many beautiful beach and wonderful paradise. Of course you can see amazing sunset in a beautiful beach !! Is it cool, right ??

Belitung is here, placed at 107o 35' - 108o 18' Latitude and 2o 30' - 3o 15' Longitude. The length of diameter from East to West approximately 79 km and North to South approximately 77 km. Total land is approximately 480.060 hectare. Belitung is surrounded by 189 small islands. Some of them are quite big with a couple of villages. They are Mendanau island, Seliu island, Nadu island and Batu Dinding island).

For more detail, let's find an Indonesia map. In the North of Java island, in the West of Kalimantan and East of Sumatera you can find an island looks likes human head, likes above picture.

It is placed among South China sea at North, Java Sea at South, Gaspar strait as West and Karimata strait at east.

Nice belitung.....

What about it???

looks like you interest with belitung island, is it right ? ;)
So, what do you waitin for ?? Just visit Belitung island and get refreshing here.

You can see more information about belitung or information about Tour Package here !!

**view more picture of belitung island in Gallery

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3 Responses
  1. david santos Says:

    Great, my friend! Great posting! Excellent pictures and pretty colours!!!
    Indonesia is very nice. Have excllent beaches!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. drey Says:

    wow! those were really great beaches and scenes you got. Its a perfect getaway for a stressed out person like me. Great find!

  3. bocah gatel Says:

    ga nyanga kalo itu di belitung...
    so beautiful!!!
    wah, aku suka banget blog ini...