Wonosari Garden Tea

Malang, Located in Province East Java, clean, natural, and fresh town. Everybody's knows that. In Malang you can visit tea garden called 'Wonosari'. It's really amazing and wonderful place.

Enchantment of agro tour tea gardens with beautiful panoramic views, breezy soft mountains greet the tourists who came to tour Agro Wonosari. Not far from the city through 6 km along the road, the road west axis of Surabaya-Malang.

Enjoy the beauty of the panorama and the typical tea aroma that spread around the Arjuna's mountain. Agro Tourism is the location of a tea plantation area coastal of Lawang, East Java, which is often passed by the tourists in their travel to Bali, precisely between the Surabaya-Malang trip.

Woodend tea garden is located 6 kilometers from Lawang or 30 kilometers north the city of Malang and 80 kilometers south of Surabaya (less than two hours drive from Surabaya airport). Located at the height of 950-1250 meters from the sea surface temperature with 19-26 OC. The humidity during the day between 60-70% and 80-90% in the night.
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  1. claudia Says:

    wow a tea garden! i'm hooked with tea, i'd surely love this place, seems so peaceful!
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  2. Tripzibit Says:

    Truly beautiful place

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  5. Ivana Says:

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    North Sulawesi
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