I love forest

its been long time I haven't write post on this blog. Now, I wanna share some places I have visited.

A few days ago me and my family had a cool vacation. We went to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan in Kalimantan Island or Borneo Island from Samarinda in East Kalimantan. Well. I'm not share about places in Banjarmasin in this post, I just wanna share about an amazing scenes on the trip to Banjarmasin.

This trip tooks about 16 hours by car. The trip start at 4.00 am from Samarinda, we went to port in Balikpapan first and it tooks 2 hours, from Balikpapan to South Kalimantan we can't used car, we should used ferry to Panajam port its just an hour.

From the panajam port we pursue to Banjarmasin by car, it's a long trip. I thought it will be boring and not interest. But I'm really wrong! It's very amazing scene on this trip.

I'm sure you don't wanna sleep when you see how beautiful forest and hills you'll pass with light grey's skies and feel oxygen come to your lungs. Oh My... It can't be forget.
No more polution, no more high buildings. Just Back to Nature. I rele Love it!!!

You have to take a trip on South Kalimantan especially if you're a photographer. You'll find many objects here.

here's the pictures I could take.

Ohhh.. It must be cool to live there.

can u imagine u were there?

Wanna join this cow? i think he's lonely. :)

I think that's not good pictures cause I took it with my camera's phone and I'm not photografer. hehehe... But I really like the first picture, that's really cool.

Actually, there's many beautiful scene when I was in very but my phone's lowbatt, so I can took another picture. But you can take it by yourself, right??? :)
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12 Responses
  1. Smara Says:

    Aw that looks fun! And those pictures are pretty darn good for being taken on your phone :)

  2. I'm so glad you took pics. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip too. Looks, so intriguing.

    Thank you for the comment, too.

  3. Wow, 16 hours? That's quite a trip! And I really like the pictures, especially the first one. Like Sara said, they're pretty good for being taken on your phone!

    And thanks for the comment, too (:

  4. Cate Says:

    We always go by car too, I'm also used to spending days in the car ^^
    I loved the picture of the cow and the comment you wrote about it!
    I like your blog, and also thanks for your comment!

  5. thanks for the comment :)
    your blog's interesting too, you seem to go to alot of fascinating places! i wish i could travel. well, thanks for checking ouy my blog, i'll keep checking out yours :D.

  6. Ada Potata Says:

    Haha, poor little cow. I like the grass there. It is actually green! In texas the grass is crunchy and kinda yellow. But the sky is wonderful. Not as cool as the sky in Finland I have heard though. Haha, bye! -Ada

  7. Ivy Says:

    aw..nice pics. I like how you wrote this post, too.

  8. Demi Says:

    thank you :)
    such pretty photos!

  9. Cate Says:

    Hey Vii!
    About that comment you left about my outfit with the black cardigan: Yes, I mixed and matched it by myself :D Thanks for all your sweet comments!

  10. Tabbi Says:

    thanks for your comment! i really like the first picture with the house. i lived in costa rica for one yar and all i can say is that i was so fascinated by the landscape so i know exactly how you felt about the "no polution, no high buildings etc" - great feeling isnt it?
    anyways, i like your blog!

  11. agoest Says:

    hi..you have hobby traveling too..same with me.. and i love my indonesian traveling ..
    gambar yg bagus..

  12. nenoneno Says:

    hmm.. I wonder what if I live in that forest. maybe like what you said about the cow, I'll be very lonely.. :D