Talking about Indonesia, I remember about something we couldn't find In another countries out of Asia. It called 'lesehan'.
What is lesehan mean ??

Usually we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sitting on chair. But, some peoples in Indonesia didn't do that. They have their meals on floor with all of family. That's lesehan mean.

Maybe it's sounds weird, but it's totally fun and friendly. Just like picnic on greeny garden :)

That looks funny, right?

I had a rele big family, they lived in different country. When they visit my family and have dinner with us, of course dinning table wasn't enough for my big or maybe huge family. So, we have dinner with lesehan.

I love it, it make us closer to each other. We can share about anything. Umm.. maybe we also can share about anything if we have dinner on the chair. But its different. :p

I don't know, I just can't find the words to tell how I feel. Maybe you should try it with your families or your friends or maybe your couple. It can be sooooo romantic. ;)

Oh yea, I almost forget. We don't used spoon and fork but we used my own hands. Just like that picture. Is it new for you ?? ;)
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  1. Hapi Says:

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  2. Tabbi Says:

    that sounds funny! i never did that before, well only at the beach or picknicking, but thats different maybe. i dont have such a big family but i would love to have one, and my host family in costa rica was bigger, definitely =)
    i love to learn about other cultures and this blog is just so perfect for it.
    saludos, that means "greetings" in spanish

  3. Cate Says:

    Hey! That was new to read for me, that you use your hands to eat! And it sounds like a great atmosphere, eating with all your family. I have a large family too and we usually have to put two tables together when we all meet in summer. SO I have to suggest eating like you wrote here someday! Thanks for a cool post!

  4. nenoneno Says:

    lagi lagi.. kenapa makanannya keliatan enak banggggeeetttt??? :P

  5. Molly Says:

    i think that sounds really fun! it would make you feel more together...
    do you sit on cushions though?!
    molly xx

  6. Dooder City Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It sounds like a really beautiful tradition! Reminds me of a picnic which I love.

  7. The Seeker Says:

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  8. cherish_jd Says:

    this seems interesting and fun!
    thank you for visiting my blog.

  9. MELISSA Says:

    I think it sounds fun--something I'd like to try soon!