Think about my trip to South Kalimantan few days ago, I remember about 'Sasirangan', Its custom cloth from South Kalimantan.

Sasirangan usually used by peeress but now everyone can wear it. It will be cool when wear sasirangan in formal events like wedding party or whatever.

If you want to take a holiday in South Kalimantan don't forget to buy Sasirangan cause I'm sure many womens will like it. It's Unique and made by their own hands without machine.

These are some pictures about the way to make sasirangan.

Cutting cloth

Making pattern

Smoking pattern

coloring cloth

washing cloth

cut off the suture

And it's done :)

That's look soo nice, right? and here's a picture that I found on someone's blog. It's about sasirangan kids fashion show...

What do u think?

So, wanna have some sasirangans in your wardrobe?? ;)

8 Responses
  1. Cate Says:

    Hey Vii!

    That's soo beautiful, I want one!

    The pictures about how it's done are really interesting!

  2. Demi Says:

    thank you :)
    so pretty, I want one!


  3. cherish_jd Says:

    wow! It's really hardwork in making one but the result is wonderful!

  4. Claudia Says:

    wow sasirangans are wonderful, i want one too!

  5. The Seeker Says:

    So interesting the way they do it.

    And it's soooooo beautiful.


  6. Hippiegirl Says:

    thanks for your lovely comment :)
    that Sasirangan is so beautiful, i love these colors!

  7. I would love to have one.

  8. Petra Says:

    That is so interesting! Such a beautiful end product as well. Gorgeous! xx