A days ago, I've chatted with my friend in Netherland. She said she was very happy to live there even if sometimes she rele missed every unique things in Indonesia.

Then I asked her about what things she couldn't find in there but can find everydays in Indonesia. She said that she couldn't find 'ojek'! and thats make us laugh and I said 'Of course there's no ojek'

Then I don't know I just think What about write some story of ojek on this blog. I thougt that will be cool, right? :)

What excatly 'ojek' mean??

Well, Ojek is a kind of transport like taxi but not used a car, its used a motorcycle. Yea... motorcycle. It's sounds weird, right? But, it's true. ;)

So, if you wanna use ojek to go somewhere you have to go to their station or in Indonesian it called 'pangkalan'. Ojek station wasn't like train or bus station! Its like umm.. I can't explain it but you can see this pic.

So badly I think. :-? O yeaa.. you see those persons behind motorcycles? They are people whose jockey those motorcycles or in here the called 'tukang ojek' but I think you can call them ojekers. :p

In ojek station, choose an ojeker and tell him the place you wanna go. If he know that place, you just need use helmet (he'll give you) and he ready to take you wherever you wanna. But if he doesn't know, you can ask another ojeker.

When you arrive in the place you want to go, don't forget to pay the ojeker and also return his helmet. hehehehe....

Its simple, right?? But not everybody wanna use this transport, neither do I. And I don't know why, maybe its because they had their own ride, just like me. :)

So, wanna enjoy you quick trip with ojek?? ;)
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9 Responses
  1. giggleness Says:

    we have this way of transportation in thailand :)

  2. Thank you for visitng my blog. I agree that Ensaimada looks delicious and have asked Marci to give me an easy recipe. Keep watching!

  3. The Seeker Says:

    Again an interesting thing that I didn't know.

    I'm not sure if I would trust that way of transportation, unless I knew the person.


  4. This would absolutely terrify me! I've never been on a motorcycle before! Thanks so much for following my blog! I was so excited to see you. Even though I couldn't read your other blog, I saw the title was written in English, "I love Edward Cullen". :) I just finished Twilight a few days ago! I loved it. I'm looking forward to seeing you at my blog and reading what your future posts too!

  5. mas icang Says:

    ojek..yeah some place in Indonesia this transportation was modified. it has 3 wheel with larger seat. of course ojek still with motorcycle.

    btw. thanx for following my blog. u good in englsh

  6. Cate Says:

    Hey Vii!

    Why have you stopped "following" my blog? Don't worry, I'm not mad, just curious!

    Oh, in the Netherlands there are many people from Indonesia, aren't there?

    Ojek sounds a cool way of transport! I'd love to ry it out!

  7. Cate Says:

    Hey Vii..

    Oh, so I'm relieved that it was just an accident that you stopped following me ;D

  8. thats pretty cool! I am coming to take a ride soon! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  9. Petra Says:

    Sounds like fun!
    Very interesting, its great learning all these tidbits of information on different things!