Indonesia, When I talk about it I don't know, I just can't stop talking. Maybe because I have many things to tell about our cultures, our life, and everythings in here.

Now, I wanna share about 'How Indonesian's people take a bath?'

It's sounds not interesting, right? But, I think its little interesting cause we have different tradition about the way to take a bath.

Some peoples in Indonesia didn't take a bath with shower or bathtub. We used something like bathtub but not for have a bath, its for patches the waters that we will use to have a bath.

So, we have to use something called 'gayung' to put the waters because we can't gettin to the tub.

It called 'gayung'

Is that make u confuse?

I just can't explain it. It's little complicated. But I really want to make everybodys know about it cause I think its unique.

In my home, I have 3 bathroom. In 1st floor, 2nd floor, and in my room. In 1st floor we used shower but in 2nd floor and in my room we used umm.. ok I named it watertub or in indonesia it called 'bak mandi'. :)

That's watertub, beside the shower.

I like to take a bath with shower but I like to take a bath with watertub more. I don't know why, maybe because I usually do that.

Oh yea, you should know that warm water is unavalaible in watertub. But in this tropical country of course we don't really need warm water cause waters in here is not too cold.

So, wanna try our tradition in ur house sometimes?? I know it's just an ordinary tradition but I think u'll like it.


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  1. bocah gatel Says:

    i just can't do it (take a bath) witout 'gayung'..

  2. Tabbi Says:

    that sunds really interesting! i didnt kno that you take baths differently than we do in germany =)
    so i gotta go, to austria for one week, skiing, ill catch up with ur blog after that! "see" you then!

  3. janettaylor Says:

    What a lovely bathroom!

  4. The Seeker Says:

    This is very interesting. But tell me I didn't understand one thing.
    So you take the water with the gayung, from the watertube and do like if it was a shower, you put the water over your body?

    I like hot water even in summer...

    Have a fab weekend


  5. Cate Says:

    Hey Vii,
    I love it that you can't stop talking about Indonesia because the things you tell us about it are really interesting!
    I didn't know that you take a bath differently than we do in Europe either!
    This is sure to be interesting.
    I love the way you write.
    So you use the gayung to pour the water?
    The watertub looks really cool! I would love to take a bath in that! Is that a photo of your house?

  6. cherish_jd Says:

    there are actually some people who also takes a bath that way.

  7. cherish_jd Says:

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  8. WESLEY Says:

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  9. haaaa....mau tanya u punya mesin jahit g ,,,salam kenal ya