Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam part. 1

Do you remember about Tsunami that happened in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Indonesia on 2004 ?? That's a really really horrible disaster.
There's so many victims, peoples died, many kids lost their family, many homeless person, and many more..

Okay, I'm not gonna talking about that worst memory because there's sooo many other things that we can talk about NAD like Tourism Objects (oh.. its my favorite things to discuss. :D).

Well, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, now its called Daerah Istimewa Aceh is one of province in Indonesia located in Sumatera Island, the capital city of DI Aceh is Banda Aceh.

So, what kind of tourism objects that we can find in DI Aceh ??

1. Lampuuk Beach
Lampuuk Beach is really beautiful with the white sand and fresh air, it means that no poluted (well you know it is hard to find a place without air polution).
In this place visitor can swimming, fishing, tanning, surfing, sailing, diving, and many other funny things.
Around the beach we can find a golf course with a wonderful sea as a background. Sounds cool, right ? Oh, donb't leave this town before you see the beautiful sunset.
It will be unforgottable moment for you cause lampuuk beach is popular with its very beautiful sunset.

photo for lampuuk beach
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got some rest Lampuuk beach

2. Weh Island
Weh island is little volcano island located in northwest Sumatera Island. Largest city on Weh island, Sabang, is a city located in the western Indonesia.
Weh island is popular with the ecosystem, its rich with species under the sea. There's so many beautiful coral reef and rare sea animals. So, I think this place is heaven for diving lovers. But you must be more careful because in the beach at this island we also can find the big mouth shark!

photo for Weh Island
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3. Gunongan
Gunongan has erected by Sultan Iskandar Muda as a private playground and bathing for his wife Phuto Pang (from malaysia). Gunongan is a symbol of his love for his wife.
Long time ago, Phuto Pang feel lonely because Sultan Iskandar Muda is too busy to accompany her, and it make her missed Pahang, her hometown.
Realize about it, Sultan Iskandar Muda thinking about make Gunongan that means little mountains because you know there's many little mountain around Pahang. So, he think his wife would feel like she's home. Isn't it sweet and romantic ?? :))

photo for Gunongan
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I name this post with 2 hours is because i made this short post about 2 hours. :P
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  1. Dorothy L Says:

    So nice...anywhere that the water is blue-green is exactly where I would go.

    I love the waters that color.

    Thank you so much for sharing !

  2. Piipie Says:

    Dorothy : Oh.. Yeah.. you have to visit Indonesia. :)
    yes, ur welcome. just come back to this blog anytime you want. :)

  3. Elise Says:

    Lovely ! Thank you for posting about this

  4. Lulus Sutopo Says:

    its cool panorama...
    Thanks for share it..
    Good Luck!