Help me !

I was reading all of articles that i had been wrote in this blog.

and i feel soo terrible for not take care of this blog.
I lost the friends and the readers of this blog.

I DO REALLY MISS every single thing in this blog.

but when i starting to writing, i lost every words.
i have no idea. :((

So, Pleaseeee for Indonesia. help me to give me some idea.

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3 Responses
  1. the oaks Says:

    what could be the problem? Writer's block.

    Well..just tell us what you like to do. Shows you like, music you listen too.

    Interview people.
    Take pictures of your pets, favorite foods, places etc.

    Ask yourself a question a day and answer it...right here at your blog.

    Keep Blogging!

  2. Piipie Says:

    thank u so much for ur support.
    I really apreciate.
    but i can't write about my own life here.
    its all about our not myself..

    i have my on blog on

    feel free to come... :))

  3. david santos Says:

    Hello Piipie!
    How are you? I love visit your blog. Your work are very good.
    Have a nice weekend,

    David Santos - Portugal - and Guiné-Bissau